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Latvia University of Agriculture changes its name to Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

Image author: No LLU arhīva

To reflect the actual profile of the university, as well as to ensure international recognition since March 6, 2018, comes into effect the University’s Senate amendment which states the change of the university’s name. On October 11th, 2017, LLU Senate approved the change of the University’s name in English language. Now Latvia University of Agriculture will be known as “Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies” and starting from March 6th this name will be used in international environment.

LLU acquired its name in nineteen - nineties (1991) when Latvia Academy of Agriculture was renamed as Latvia University of Agriculture. As agricultural higher education significantly has changed and currently LLU implements studies and research in areas related to sustainable use of natural resources, then already before discussions have been held on changing the name of the university, but till now this initiative didn`t gain enough support. On national level "LLU" is a brand and a sign of quality which is well-known through generations and which is associated with higher education and traditions of sustainable agriculture and therewith related sciences, but to facilitate the recognition of university in international environment on 11th October, 2017 it has been decided to change the name in English, namely, in the future in foreign languages to use the semantic translation of university`s name in Latvian.

“Until recently LLU used name “Latvia University of Agriculture” which was the direct translation from Latvian language. The Senate of the Latvia University of Agriculture also determined use of the university’s name in six more foreign languages. As our international activity is only growing, it was observed that 7 foreign languages are not enough for LLU. The University’s Convent accepted the University’s Senates amendments where no longer there is stated university’s use of name in foreign languages. Hereinafter, the Senate will know determine it based on necessity” told LLU Convent chairwoman Irina Arhipova.

Arhipova explained that name “Life Sciences” is an internationally known trade mark which is affiliated with former agricultural universities who have connected their work with different agricultural areas. This kind of change can be seen in the name change of the “Association for European Life Science Universities (ICA)” where LLU is member.  The associations focus is on the life sciences relating to agriculture, food, forestry, natural resources, rural development and the environment in the 46 countries.

After looking at international experience in these kind of questions in the last October the Senate made the decision on usage of the LLU name in English language and semantic translation. In future the Senate is planning to decide about the LLU name usage in other foreign languages where it will be needed for international cooperation. The semantic translation will be important also in the other languages not only in the English language. The goal will be to show the specialization of the University.

Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies is one of the leading universities of science and technologies in the Baltic Sea region, specializing in the sustainable use of natural resources aimed at the enhancement of quality of life for society.

Submitted on: 06/03/2018