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Student Union

Student's Self-Government 

Student Self-government serves as an intermediary between the university administration and the students, providing mutual information exchange. Student Self-government unites active, creative and enterprising students who like to be in the centre of events and who spend their free time dealing with the problems of their peers’ regarding academic, social, cultural and sport's life. The members of the Student Self-government represent and defend students’ opinion and rights at the meetings of the University’s Convent, Senate, the Councils of Studies and Maintenance Assistance, various commissions and workgroups, as well as at the Latvian Students Association and other organizations at a national and international level. The Students Self-Government gives an opportunity ti its members to develop their skills and gain experience, form networks, participate and organize various activities at the university and elsewhere. 

The main activities of the Students' Self-Government are:

  • Representation of students’ interests;
  • Organization of an annual students’ concert for the university staff;
  • The yearly Award ceremony;
  • Award of the status of the Honoured Member;
  • Organization of the Students’ Days events;
  • Campaigns of cleaning up nature;
  • Charity events;
  • Participation in experience exchange in Latvia and abroad.