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Erasmus+ experience stories

Suada Isufi on her study experience at LBTU

My name is Suada Isufi and currently I am studying in the Agricultural University of Tirana, scientific master. Last academic year I had the possibility to be part of an Erasmus exchange student in LBTU for four months.

In order to graduate for my masters studies I had to take seven courses in LBTU and there  was really good for me to see this kind of subject in another point of view.suada

I wish every student should have such kind of experience to develop their personal and professional skills.

It was never hard to adopt even in the first days when you don't know anyone. We had a good time with students, professors and locals.

ESN staff was all the time in touch with us to fulfill all our needs and misunderstandings, they helped us in official and not official ways.

This kind of experiences help everyone to understand their self-better and helps a lot in self-reflective. Going abroad a semester or two I something that in my country is really preferred by companies that offers good positions of jobs.

Everyone should focus in their self-growth in different fields, they have the possibility to see different cultures different set of mind from all over the world.

For me personally it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. LBTU really exceed all my expectations about everything. I got there in the end of January till beginning of June, I have four awesome moths. The social life was very active for the young students and international ones, we really never could rest because of going out and different activities in university campus.

LBTU was my first choice for Erasmus, I wish I could have a second semester there with all those great people there.


Irina Belinskaia's (Saint-Petersburg State Agrarian University, Russia) story about participating in the Erasmus+ staff training mobility at LBTU

Length of mobility period – 5 days. irina

  • Reason for deciding to participate in Erasmus+ staff training mobility - the possibility of expanding theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of my research
  • What was the purpose of your mobility and what kind of activities did you participate in during your mobility - The purpose of my mobility is to share knowledge with scientists and staff. During the mobility I took part in the international conference, seminars conducted by scientists of the Latvian Agricultural University, visited scientific and technical laboratories.
  • Your experience in dealing with sending and receiving higher education institution before, after and during your mobility? - positive experience. All the formalities were clear.
  • What are your professional and personal gains from your Erasmus+ staff training mobility? - After participating in the internship, I got the opportunity to engage in new research projects
  • What did your sending higher education institution gain from your Erasmus+ staff training mobility? - My University gained new experience in the organization of international activities, received information about new scientific platforms for the implementation of important projects for it.
  • What were your most significant challenges while preparing for mobility and participating in it? – I had no problem  participating in mobility
  • What kind of advice would you like to share with future Erasmus+ participants? - A detailed plan of activities should be drawn up in preparation for participation in the mobility.
  • Anything else you find important to mention regarding your Erasmus+ staff training mobility? - Participation in the mobility also included acquiring new knowledge about the history and culture of the country.