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Location and traveling

Jelgava, a true student city, located on the banks of river Lielupe within arm's reach in the southwest direction from Latvia's capital city Riga. Jelgava is not a big city (66,000 inhabitants and the total area of 60 km2) so the crowds and noise will not bother you and all services are within a walking distance. Jelgava is also called the students' city and the truthfulness of this statement can be proved by the Students' Day activities which are organized here every year in November, when students from all universities of Latvia participate in competitions, sport contests, concerts, parties and other activities.

How to get here
Jelgava has a very advantageous geographical location, a railway intersection is right in the middle of our city! The rail gauge crosses in East - West and North-South directions, so wherever you want to travel, Jelgava is the perfect base. Alongside the city border stretches a modern bypass, connecting the motorways Jelgava - Riga and Jelgava - Lithuania, which leads further to Western Europe.

  From Riga International airport
You can fly to Riga from all the major cities in Europe. Jelgava is about 50 km from the Riga International Airport. At arrival you may choose direct transfer to the Riga International Bus Station or Riga Central Train Station by domestic bus or taxi.

See below instruction how to get from Riga airport to Jelgava: here

  From Riga port (on map)
Travelling from the Riga port, Jelgava is again, about a 50 km journey. At arrival you may choose direct transfer to the Riga International Bus Station or Riga Central Train Station by taxi or walking. Walking distance is about 30 min passing through the picturesque Riga old town.

  From Riga International Bus Station (on map)
Various bus companies in Europe offer transport services to Riga International Bus Station. From there you can choose a direct bus to Jelgava. It will take you about 55 min and 2.40 EUR to reach Jelgava.

  From Riga Central Train Station (on map)
In the Riga Central Train Station you can choose a direct electric train to Jelgava. For 2.10 EUR you can reach Jelgava in about 50 minutes. NB! If your luggage exceeds the permitted dimensions or weight (40 x 60 x 20 cm or 20kg) you need to purchase a luggage ticket.

 Traveling in Latvia
To get around Latvia you can use your own car or public transport. If you choose to use the public transport then you can use this site to check the schedules:
The public transport in Riga will take you all over the city, but to use it you will need to buy an e-ticket (e-talons). You can learn more about the e-ticket system here: 
You can view the routes and schedules of Riga public transport here: 
Jelgava public transport routes and schedules can be viewed here: