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Veterinary medicine education provided by LBTU is internationally recognized by EAEVE

Image author: No LLU arhīva

European Veterinary Education Committee has decided that the veterinary higher education implemented by LBTU is fully internationally recognized, which means that it complies with the European System of Veterinary Education Evaluation and the Veterinary Faculty in Jelgava is one of the leading European veterinary higher education institutions.

Since 2016, when the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the LBTU received conditional international recognition, it has worked purposefully to address the shortcomings previously identified by EAEVE experts and to obtain a full recognition. It has succeeded in celebrating the faculty's 100th anniversary and will mark a new stage in the history of faculty and veterinary higher education.

The international recognition of the European Association of Veterinary Education Institutions (EAEVE) is a major success, as the LBTU Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is currently one of the 63 European faculties that have received this highly respected recognition. According to information published by EAEVE in May 2019, a total of 105 veterinary education institutions from all over Europe are involved in the EAEVE international recognition and accreditation process, but many have not been able to obtain full recognition.

Attempts to gain international recognition at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the LBTU have been made for more than 16 years, but have been unsuccessful due to inadequate infrastructure. The situation changed dramatically in 2013 with the creation of a new Veterinary Clinic for veterinary work and student training, which is still the most advanced in the Baltic States. The investments made in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine have enabled significant improvements in the study process of emerging veterinary professionals and the opinion of EAEVE.

Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Kaspars Kovalenko expresses his gratitude to the teams of former deans Arnis Mugurēvičs, Gunārs Pētersons and Ilmārs Dūrītis, as well as to the current team for their internationally recognized work.

Higher education in veterinary medicine in Latvia has gained international recognition until 2026.

Submitted on: 13/02/2020