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Prabhjot Singh "A typical LLU student is ambitious and tries to get as much out of studies as possible"

Image author: No LLU arhīva

Prabhjot Singh is 24 years old and comes from Kalanaura, a small town in India, whose main source of income is agriculture. The new graduate interests are getting to know new cultures, traveling the world and learning different languages. While living in India, he realized that he wanted to study economics at a European university. Initially, he focused on the study offer of Scandinavian countries, but then Prabhjot found offers in Latvia and the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, Faculty of Economics and Social Development (LLU ESAF) bachelor's study program "Economics" and this year became the first foreign graduate of this study program.

Asked why he decided to study at LLU, Prabhjot replies: "I chose Latvia because I had studied that there is a very high quality education here. Of course, the diploma was also recognized in Europe and all over the world, as well as I wanted to get to know Latvian culture. When my choice reached Latvia, I started researching university ratings and realized that LLU ranks in them, which also meant higher education quality standards."

During the four years of study, the ESAF graduate has experienced many glorious moments, recognizing that Jelgava is truly a student city with everything you need for a comfortable everyday life. He greatly appreciates life in Jelgava, emphasizing that this is a peaceful city with truly friendly and helpful residents, in addition, he has already managed to love various city objects - both the promenade and Pasta Island, where he attends the Sand Sculpture Festival every year.

The new specialist in the field has highly appreciated economics studies, because, in his opinion, the faculty has offered to obtain a quality education and provided everything necessary for the successful acquisition of study courses. He also emphasized the opportunities offered by ERASMUS +, which allows foreign students to spend up to two semesters in another European country, and the LLU has been very helpful and supportive in every step of Prabhjot's successful exchange program. Prabhjot says: "I believe that one of the biggest benefits is the amount of practical lessons that have been learned, they have brought me closer to my career goals, because every company is looking for specialists with practical problem-solving skills. In addition, my degree is internationally recognized, which will allow me to apply for positions in reputable international companies."

"Study years have helped me to improve myself. During this time, I have learned to live independently, as well as to appreciate the value of time. In terms of time planning, I was lucky, because Jelgava is a small city, there is no need to use public transport, which helped to save both financial resources and travel time. On top of that, I have made a lot of friends from all over Europe. These four years have been the best time of my life! When you get to sleep and within 10 minutes you have to run to lectures or start preparing for exam the day before, which I remember with a smile, but also as one of the most important lessons of life," laughs the graduate, mentioning that he thinks a typical LLU student is ambitious and try to get the most out of their studies.

Assessing the differences between the education system in Latvia and India, the young ESAF economist emphasizes that the education system in India is based on the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, thus significantly influencing the acquisition of practical skills, while in Latvia the number of theoretical and practical classes is in balance. Prabhjot sees differences not only in education, but also in other areas, of course, starting with the climate to which the first Latvian winter was difficult to adapt to.

In order to obtain a higher education diploma, Prabhjot wrote his thesis on the Indian food delivery sector and the most interesting part of the study was conducting a survey of 221 respondents. The main aim of the study was to find out which food delivery platforms Indian people prefer and why people choose to order food online at all. Writing a bachelor's thesis has been a serious test, as it has required not only constant attention to research, but also a need to read a lot of scientific literature to form the theoretical basis of the work. "I really did a lot of work and in the end my work paid off!" Prabhjot is happy about what he has done.

Prabhjot is convinced of his future plans: "I want to continue my studies at LLU master's level, as well as work on my business plan. I think that now I will focus on career development, develop my business idea and my priority will be higher education to gain even more in-depth knowledge and open the door to new opportunities!"

Submitted on: 17/02/2022