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Celebration of Azimetologs has concluded! And the winner is..

Image author: No LLU arhīva

Faculty of Information Technology (ITF)  are this years victors of the traditional celebration of Azemitologs! On the 6th of October It was held for the 55th time at the Latvian University of Life Sciences and Technologies - LBTU. Freshmen from all eight faculties gathered in the courtyard of the Jelgava Palace to show off their homework and demonstrate their belonging to the big LBTU family in the student spirit.

The Azemitolog ceremony performances revealed the creativity of the students in various theatrical surprises, but the protocol of the festival, which begins with the entry of the first-year students of all faculties into the Jelgava Palace courtyard, is a true value. The louder and more impressive entry, the greater the chance to leave a better impression on the audience and the jury of the festival. After the ceremonial entry of the students, there was a greeting with the rector of the university and the deans of all faculties, as well as the arrival of the Azemitolog accompanied by the horses of the Horse Breeding and Training Center "Muški" of the Faculty of Agriculture.

This year, the young students had prepared performances with the motto "Everything is changing, and we are changing with it". In them, special attention was paid this time to the university itself - showing both the processes of change, development and improvement, as well as the most vivid historical events and the change of brand. For the visitors of the Azemitolog festival, it was a real and attractive model lesson in history, where everyone had the opportunity to get to the ancient farmer's homestead and the young Latvians, the beginning of agricultural education in Latvia and the establishment of a university in Jelgava. The previous names of the university were also not forgotten - Jelgava Agricultural Academy, Latvian Agricultural Academy and Latvian Agricultural University. At the festive event, students showed themselves not only through resourceful performances, but also with creative visual presentation, traditionally emphasizing belonging to their faculty. In addition, the unofficial "blockbusters" of Azemitolog - the favorable type "Cine - son of the fir" and "Laptop" were also not left out. However, they were joined this year by Olga Rajeckas' "But will you come, when I wont be 16 anymore" sung by Olga Rajeckas, which was sung in a completely different manner in the LBTU freshmen's version and asked the question "But will you come when I am no longer a student at LBTU?"

Freshmen from all eight faculties fought in a joint competition for the Azemitolog Grand Prize, which symbolizes friendship and unity, and this year it went to the new students of the Faculty of Information Technology (ITF), who in their performance reflected the history and development of the establishment of the university's faculties, connecting it with the industry of their faculty and current issues in the field of IT at different stages of the university's development. On the other hand, the Azemitolog Small Award went to the freshmen of the Faculty of Food Technology (PTF), who also depicted the most important stages of the history of their faculty and the upcoming event - the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the faculty - this academic year.

At the end, the students of all faculties agreed in a joint dance and swore to Azemitolog to be faithful to the values ​​of friendship and the university, as well as to respect LBTU. In addition, no one was left without prizes, as all the deans of the faculties and the LBTU Teaching and Research Farm "Vecauce" had prepared treats for the students, and various special prizes were also presented. The first-year teams of other faculties also received awards for their hard work and creative approach: the young specialists of the Faculty of Information Technology (ITF) won the sympathy of the Student Self-Government (SP) of LBTU, the Young Farmers' Club of Latvia was touched by the aspirants of the Technical Faculty (TF), who also charmed the Student Corporations Representatives of "Ventonia", "Fraternitas Imantica" and "Varavīksne", also receiving the corporation's traveling award, in addition, the first-year students of the Faculty of Environment and Construction Sciences won the  award given by "Šalkone" of the Faculty of Forests students association.

Since the autumn of 1968, the festival of Azemitolog confirms belonging, love and loyalty to the place, people and traditions - created, shaped and cared for together. Every year, the symbol of all specialties of LBTU - the man of knowledge Azemitolog - welcomes the first-year students of the university, including them in the large student family. Azemitolog holiday is a celebration of belonging, patriotism, friendship, pride and joy of our Alma Mater.

Submitted on: 04/10/2022