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LBTU Recieves Best Practise Certificate from StudyInLatvia!

Image author: No LLU arhīva

“It is a certificate of quality: both in the admission process, as well as in studies and household provision, we are doing everything to make foreign students feel at home. And the International Student Barometer survey at the end of 2019 already confirmed that the level of student satisfaction in solving their issues in Jelgava as it is the highest in Latvia.” Voldemārs Bariss Head of International Cooperation Centre of LBTU

On 22nd September 2022, the Ministry of Education and Science (MES), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior and 15 Latvian universities signed an agreement on good practice in attracting foreign students and providing studies. Universities received the Best Practice University certificate, which confirms that it meets the criteria of good management and ministries in responsible attraction of foreign students and provision of quality studies.

By signing the agreement, the universities confirm that they will continue their work on the international recognition of Latvian higher education, as well as promote the quality and competitiveness of studies. In turn, the state sector will implement the necessary measures in the provision of higher education, provision of consular services, promotion of Latvia's foreign policy, as well as provide clear principles for migration and entry into Latvia.

The agreement is concluded for three years and the inter-institutional commission, which made the decision to conclude the agreement with the universities, will monitor the fulfillment of the principles and criteria expressed in the document, reviewing it once a year. Universities that have not yet joined the initiative have the opportunity to join it by fulfilling the established criteria.

For universities that have concluded an agreement, the Study in Latvia initiative implemented by VIAA will provide support in popularizing Latvia as a place of choice for studies both in events to attract international students - exhibitions, individual consultations with students and their parents, and in digital communication. VIAA will also continue to administer Latvian state scholarships for foreigners for studies and participation in summer schools at Latvian universities. Study in Latvia also administers scholarships for Ukrainian civilians and contributes to planning the internationalization of higher education.

Currently, Latvian universities offer more than 100 study programs in English. Foreign students make up almost 13% of the total number of students (approximately 77,376 students) in Latvia, according to the data of the Central Statistics Office for the year 2021. Foreign students make a significant contribution to Latvia's economy, not only by paying tuition fees, but also by using services offered in the private sector, such as renting a place of residence, catering, tourism.

Submitted on: 06/10/2022