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The exhibition "School 2023" has ended

Image author: No LLU arhīva

In Riga, Ķīpsala, the largest education exhibition in Latvia "School 2023" was held, where there was an opportunity to meet representatives of the Latvian University of Life Sciences and Technologies (LBTU) and learn about study opportunities in Jelgava. The unique university stand specially arranged for the exhibition was designed as a living and sustainable environmental object, paying respect to Latvia's most valuable natural resource - wood.

Visitors to the exhibition had the opportunity not only to find out information of interest to them about each of the LBTU study programs, meet university students who are already studying in Jelgava, and find out everything related to the admission process, but also to gain special experience and be present at the continuous growth process in nature, observing the growth of wheat in a vertical wall 4 m high. The stand was designed as an environmental object from a sustainable natural resource and continued to develop throughout the exhibition. It also symbolically depicted changes in the university itself, which has constantly changed and grown in its 160-year history of activity - from a small agricultural higher education department to a multidisciplinary university.

On the other hand, for those who were not sure about the direction of study, at the LBTU booth, they had the opportunity to check their suitability for one of the undergraduate programs offered by the university and try their luck by participating in the spinning of the Wheel of Fortune.

To always be aware of events at LBTU, visit the university's virtual home –, and also search for #labiteu on social networks.

Photo authors: Kaspars Grosbergs and LBTU Communication and Marketing Center

Submitted on: 10/03/2023