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Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics

Agricultural Resources and Economics

The DPP "Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics" (AREI) was founded on 1 January, 2016 according to the Regulation No. 640 (October 21, 2015) of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia, by merging of several institutions, namely, the agricultural research institutes "State Priekuļi Plant Breeding Institute", "State Stende Cereals Breeding Institute" and "Latvia State Institute of Agrarian Economics" and the scientific staff of “Latgale Agricultural Research Centre”, Ltd. Now it is the only research institute in Latvia engaged in breeding of field crops; its researchers specialize in breeding, arable farming and interdisciplinary studies in the science of economics.

The main research directions of the institute:

  • field crop genetics and breeding for integrated and biological farming systems;
  • development of sustainable field crop growing technologies for various farming systems;
  • evaluation of field crop quality for effective use;
  • production of feed;
  • economics of sustainable development of bioresource industries;
  • efficiency of production processes and company competitiveness;
  • sustainable development of territories.