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Latvian Plant Protection Research Centre

Plant Protection Research Centre

"Latvian Plant Protection Research Centre", Ltd, is an institution included in the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies. The centre is engaged in the research of plant protection issues. The main objectives and functions of the institute are the following:

  • to carry out research on pest prevalence, development and risks in crop plants providing the State Plant Protection Service and agriculture producers with information necessary for implementation of control measures;
  • to work out technologies for restricting pests in conventional and biological agriculture, implement plant protection measures according to the requirements defined by the EU legislation;
  • to analyse, adjust and verify new integrated plant protection technologies, enhancing environmentally friendly and pollution preventing production methods;
  • to work out recommendation for plant protection harmonizing legislation acts of Latvia with the requirements of the EU regulations.

The centre is the only institution in Latvia entitled to provide monitoring of efficient chemical and biological plant protection measures implementing the supervision and monitoring control in the framework of the Plant Protection Law as set out in Regulation No.341 (05.10.99.) of the Cabinet of Ministers.