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LBTU Forest and Water Resources Research Laboratory

Forest and Water Resources

"LBTU Forest and Water Resources Research Laboratory" conducts research programmes and projects, fundamental and applied research in forest sciences, hydro-engineering sciences, environmental sciences and material sciences related to:

  • forest resources – their sustainable management, planning and recreation;
  • timber resources – timber application in construction (bridges, towers, support of water edges etc.);
  • sustainable environment – research of land, water and air quality;
  • hydro-technical structures – drainage, ports, power supply in the context of hydroelectric power stations;
  • water resources – addressing issues from drinking water to sewage sludge utilization;
  • hydrology – surface and ground water flow and cycles, flood risks.

 The long-term observations and research data of the scientific staff of the laboratory are used in the education programmes at undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral levels.