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Student Fraternities


Friendship, honour and justice!

The fraternity "Ventonia" was founded on November 21, 1917 in Terbata, the present Tartu, Estonia. "Ventonia" was accepted by the Presidium Convent in 1921. In the spring of 1940 "Ventonia" had approximately 300 members. After World War II, the activities of the Convent took place in communities existing in all the countries where the Ventonians lived (the USA, England, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Canada and other countries). Ventonia was one of the first fraternities that renewed its activities in Latvia - in March 1990. Since then every year new members have joined the fraternity, and on January 1, 2008, the fraternity "Ventonia" had 120 members.

"Ventonia" is the fourth biggest students' fraternity in Latvia. In 1992 it purchased a building at Filozofu St. 9, in Jelgava, and since then the house has gone through interior and facade repairs. During the first Republic of Latvia, this building belonged to the artist Jānis Kalniņš' father. In the 30s the premises housed a bakery, which supplied half of the city of Jelgava with its products. Nowadays the activities of the students' fraternity are known as "komershi" (events dedicated to the anniversary of the fraternity), Evenings for Ladies, State holidays - November 11th and 18th, Walpurgis Night on May 1, which takes place in Tartu, Oskars Kalpaks memorial events, Summer Sports Games, various tournaments in different kinds of sports among fraternities and Theatre Festivals are some of the diverse aspects of "Ventonia" social life.

Fraternitas Imantica"Fraternitas Imantica"

For Fatherland from abroad! Don't let the sword rust! Scientiae, populo, patriae!

"Fraternitas Imantica" is a men's-student fraternity, which unites students who wish to be a part of the students' spirit and traditions that have been developed over the years. "Fraternitas Imantica" was founded on February 18, 1947 in the German city of Pineberg, at the Baltic University, and on July 13, 1990 it was resumed in Latvia. The Fraternity unites students of the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies and other Latvian Universities thus creating fraternity brotherhoods with a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. The Fraternity members are patriots of the country and university as well as keepers of their forefathers' traditions.

Currently, the Fraternity has 200 members, who live not only in Latvia, but also in Europe, Germany and Luxemburg, and the USA. The main activities of the students' fraternity include literary evenings, fencing, attending cultural events, participation in the parades of November 11 and 18, and in the ball named after Colonel Oskars Kalpaks, the 1st commander of Latvian army. Since 1991 the Fraternity owns a building in Jelgava, 8 Kungu Str., the interior of which was completely renovated in 2007.