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Archive Services

Documents are prepared within one month after receiving the person's application. Request fulfillment is a paid service.

The application form for requesting documents can be submitted in person at the LBTU Document Management Department (Jelgava, Lielā street 2, room 197) or by sending it electronically by e-mail to: 

The prepared reference and archive documents are issued at the LBTU Document Management Department (Jelgava, Lielā Street 2, Room 197), upon presentation of an identity document.

The LBTU Study Center (Jelgava, Lielā Street 2, Room 178) prepares and issues a duplicate of the diploma and diploma supplement upon the request of individual, presenting the identity document.

The documentation requested shall be issued only on production of proof of payment. In the case when an individual is wholly or partly exempt from payment of the information, the requested documentation shall only be released if the person concerned provides the relevant copy of the status document (original).