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Developing new products and technologies in the main areas of cooperation between the LBTU and business:   

  • food technology, quality and safety.

Topic offers Specialist Contact information
Fish product development, quality research and detection of shelf life Ilze Grāmatiņa Rīgas iela 22A,
Meat product development, quality research and detection of shelf life
Fish and meat quality research
Herbal extracts use in meat and fish processing
Impact of high pressure treatment on meat and fish quality and shelf life
Application of Sous Vide technology in the production of meat and fish products
Application of protective cultures to extend the shelf life of meat and meat products
Meat quality canges during maturation process
The development of new fruit and berries products Dr. sc. ing. Solvita Kampuse Rīgas iela 22A,
Shelf-life testing and prolonginf for fruit-berries processing products
Fruit-berries processing products with the increased biologically active compounds
The application of novel solutions for maitanance of biologically active compounds in fruit and berries processing products
New food products developments and quality assessment, prolonging possibilities of food shelf-life, determination of food products shelf-life, accelerated shelf-life testing Dr. sc. ing. Tatjana Ķince Rīgas iela 22A,
Alternative, non-traditional protein sources Dr. sc. ing. Ilga Gedrovica
Biologically active compounds of plants, natural antioxidants, natural antioxidants as a supplement to food products Dr. sc. ing. Lolita Tomsone
Evaluation of milk (conventional and organic) quality Dr. sc. ing. Jeļena Zagorska Rīgas iela 22A,
Evaluation of colostrum quality, and possibilities of it application for new product development
Whey processing technologies
Shelf-life prolonging possibilities
evelopment and improvement of dairy dessert recipes
Evaluation and improvement of quality of fermented dairy products 
Evaluation and improvement of quality of butter and similar products
The sensory evaluation of food products Dr. sc. ing. Evita Straumīte
The development of new grain products and quality evaluation
Dairy processing technologies, quality and safety Dr. sc. ing. Inga Ciproviča
Bioavailability and healthy claims of dairy products
Use of food packaging materials and packaging technologies (VP, MAP, EMAP, Sous environment, active and intelligent packaging and heat treatment in packaging) for the purpose of ensuring/extending the marketing of food products Prof., Sandra Muižniece-Brasava 29134693,
Optimisation of nature-friendly and conning packagings (single layer and multi-layer laminated materials)
Packaging as an essential element of the added value of  products
New food products developments and quality assessment Dr. sc. ing. Mārtiņš Šabovics
Extrusion of cereal products (flour)
Identification of volatile compounds in food products using a gas chromatograph
Determination of the texture properties of food products
Bioactive compounds and it`s determination in plants Dr. sc. ing. Māra Dūma
Food product analysis by HPLC Bc. chem. Anete Ķeķe
Food product analysis by HPLC/ Non-alcoholic drinks Dr. sc. ing. Ingmārs Cikmanis
Water analysis Dr.chem. Ilze Čakste
Properties of packaging materials
Nutrition, healthy nutrition for different target groups, eating habits, diets, veganism, nutrition recommendations Dr. sc. ing. Ilze Beitāne
Meat processing technologies Sanita Sazonova
Processing of meat by-products which may be used for human consumption
Fish processing technologies