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Wood materials and technology

Developing new products and technologies in the main areas of cooperation between the LBTU and business:   

  • forestry technologies; 
  • wood industry technologies.

Topic offers



Determination of round timber volume and quality assessment Mg. sc. ing.Jānis Magaznieks,
Mg. sc. ing.Mareks Millers,

Characteristics, thickness, rustle and quality indicators of the main species of Latvia
Rational wrinkling of trunks
Timber transport Mg. sc. ing. Mareks Millers
Design, construction, operation of forest roads
Felling technology Ziedonis Sarmulis   63021104
Sawn-wood drying Dr. sc. ing. Edgars Bukšāns 63023264,
Manufacture of wood products Mg. sc. ing. Andrejs Domkins 29242363,
Glue and wood glue Laimonis  Kūliņš,
Dr. sc. ing. Laura Laiveniece
Wood veneer Mg. sc. ing.Vilnis Jakovļevs vilnis.jakovļ
Environmental impact assessment, biometrics Dr. habil. biol. Imants Liepa 63026322
Dendroecology, application of bioinditical techniques
Assessment of the growth of individual trees and stands
Nomenclature of plant names Dr. biol. Viesturs Šulcs 29435659,
Dendroology and geobotanical
Maintenance of botanical and dendroology herbarias Ing.silv. Rūta Kazāka
Hunting Dr.silv. Linards Sisenis
Management of biologically valuable grasslands Dr.silv. Inga Straupe 29442520,
Assessment of habitats (expertise)
Management of natural forest habitats
Pruning of grooming felling and growing trees Mg. silv. Edgars Dubrovskis
Demonstration of forest recovery and grooming models in Jelgava forest district
Protection and guarding of forests Dr.silv. Olga Miezīte 29127735,
Assessment of forest management risks
Circulation of forest soils, nutrient elements in forest eco-systems Dr.silv. Aigars Indriksons 29569364,
Assessment of the hydrological regime in forest and swamp ecosystems
Forest botanical and phytoocenology
Forest breeding and genetics Dr.silv. Āris Jansons,
Mg. silv. Baiba Jansone
Adaptation of wood plants to climate, geographical crops
Forest renewal, forest forest-fighting plants
Dendroology, municipal valuables and introduced wood plants Mg.silv. Solveiga Luguza 29552104,
Dendrochronology, dendroclimatology
Application of mathematical methods for the processing of scientific data
Forest renewal, forest forest-fighting plants
Assessment of natural forest habitats Mg.silv. Līga Liepa 20087128,
Ecosystem services
Biology of forest birds and mammals
Forestry Mg.silv. Edgars Dubrovskis 26720330,
Assessment of the amount of energy wood resources
Drawing up drawings for teaching and scientific expenditure Ing.silv. Rūta Kazāka