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Development of dry nutrition for NBS

Development of dry nutrition for NBS –


Dry nutrition kits for catering for the Latvian National Armed Forces (NBS).   


The idea of developing dry food for LBTU Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre was raised following the presentation of the LBTU at the conference “Defence Industry and Joint Industry Development Possibilities in the Baltic States” in 2009, following a discussion on Latvian NBS food. During the talking period, it was clarified that food – dry diets used by the Latvian NBS – was purchased abroad and imported until the beginning of cooperation, which resulted in the idea that it could also be produced in Latvia.  


Following discussions with the scientists of the LBTU Faculty of Food Technology (PTF), cooperation between LBTU TEPEK and LBTU PTF and several Latvian companies began. The scientists developed balanced diet menus for dry meals and applied the relevant specific packaging, while the LBTU Technology and Knowledge Transfer centre coordinated the development process.   


The developed food, which has been developed in close cooperation between scientists and Latvian producers, has been used by the Latvian National Armed Forces since 2011.  Cooperation is continuing to improve and complement the supply of dry meals.  For the development of dry meals in 2013, the GAU scientists received the award of the NBS Commander, the Honors article.