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Faculty of Agriculture

Latvia is the country with blooming meadows in springtime, golden cereal ears in the fields and vivid fruit gardens in autumn, with many species of animals and many other common things. Our nation does not have any other natural resources than soil, forests and water. The students and the academic staff of the faculty understand and agree with the deep meaning of Jean Jacques Rousseau’s words ‘if you own all the wealth of the world, but you have nothing to eat – you are dependent on others. Trade creates wealth but agriculture offers freedom’. Agriculture still has and will have an important role in the economy of Latvia by producing raw materials for food, manufacturing and power industry. The present day agriculture is a modern branch of industry which will always need knowledgeable specialists.

The Faculty of Agriculture is the only place in Latvia where can obtain bachelor's degree, master's degree and doctor's degree in agriculture in accredited study programmes. The faculty educates specialists who can manage the agriculture production, implement the latest research findings in the improvement of the production technologies, understand the importance of sustainable agriculture production and its unity with the environment, carry out livestock recording and assessment, and engage in the research projects in the field of agriculture as well as in the public administration.

There are two institutes under the supervision of the faculty with modern training and research laboratories including the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics as well as training and research farm “Pēterlauki”, the horse-breeding training farm “Mušķi” and the Laboratory for Testing of Value for Cultivation and Use of Agricultural Crop Varieties. The faculty has the most talented qualified academic staff and the leading researchers in the branch of agriculture which together with scientists of the research in the National Research Centre of Use Agricultural Resources and Food Technologies.


  • Agriculture, forest management, fishing, veterinary medicine and food hygiene


Professional Bachelor’s study programme „Agriculture” with specialization:

  • Agronomist with specialization in field crop
  • Agronomist with specialization in horticulture
  • Zootechnician in breeding,
  • Manager of agricultural enterprise

Academical Higher Education Master’s Study Program “Agriculture” with 3 specialization:

  • Field-Crop Cultivation
  • Horticulture
  • Animal Husbandry

Doctoral programme “Agriculture” (Field-Crop Cultivation and Animal Husbandry)

Directions of RESEARCH:

  • Soil science and agrochemistry
  • Plant biology and protection
  • Field management
  • Crop science and production
  • Horticulture
  • Animal science