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Faculty of Economics and Social Development

The current economic trends in Latvia and Europe highlight the necessity of highly qualified specialists and researchers in economics, management and sociological research who could work in innovative enterprises and institutions promoting competitiveness of Latvia in the global and local market. The skills obtained at the faculty are particularly necessary for entrepreneurs since, in addition to organizing the production or providing services and managing employees of the company, they have to be well aware of accounting and taxation requirements, financing and crediting issues, funding conditions at the national or the EU level, as well as project management. All this knowledge is provided by the study programmes of economics, management and sociology.

The Faculty of Economics and Social Development was formed in 2013 uniting the pedagogical and scientific potential of two faculties – the Faculty of Economics with its 50 years long history and the Faculty of Social Sciences with its 12 years long history, becoming currently the largest faculty of the university and providing studies at all levels – the undergraduate (including the branches of Sigulda and Laidze), master and doctoral level. The doctoral programme of the faculty provides education in agriculture economics and regional economics. The graduates are highly qualified specialists and managers in areas of economics, marketing, accounting, finances, entrepreneurship, regional development, law, sociological research and management science. The faculty has created the scholarships for students named after professors Jānis Vanags and Pēteris Birkerts, as well as the awards for young scientists named after professors Benjamiņš Treijs and Kazimirs Spoģis. The faculty organizes annual scientific conferences "Science of Economics for Rural Development" and "New Dimensions in the Development of Society", as well as scientific conferences of undergraduate and master students.


  • Economics
  • Sociology, politics and antropology
  • Management, administration and real estate management


  • Economics
  • Business Studies
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Management
  • Business Management
  • Financial Management 

Directions of RESEARCH:

  • Agricultural economics, bioeconomics
  • Regional economy and support instruments
  • Financing of innovation system development and attraction of venture capital
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Bioethics