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Faculty of Agriculture and Food technology

Faculty of Agriculture and Food technology

The goal of the faculty is to conduct scientific research and provide students with scientific, academic, and/or professional education in the fields of agriculture, food and beverage technology, health, and social (hospitality) sciences.

The units of the faculty:

  • Institute of Soil and Plant Sciences,
  • Institute of Animal Sciences,
  • Food Institute,
  • Plant Protection Scientific Institute "Agrihorts",
  • Agriculture Institute,
  • Training and Research Farm "Pēterlauki",
  • Plant Variety Economic Traits Evaluation Center,
  • Center for Fish Processing Biotechnology Studies and Research.

Study direction:

  • Agriculture, forest management, fishing, veterinary medicine and food hygiene,
  • Production and processing,
  • Hotel and restaurant service,
  • Tourism and recreation organisation,
  • Health care.

Study programmes:

  • Food Science,
  • Nutrition Science,
  • Catering and Hotel Management,
  • Food Technology,

Professional Bachelor’s study programme "Agriculture" with specialization:

  • Agronomist with specialization in field crop,
  • Agronomist with specialization in horticulture,
  • Zootechnician in breeding,
  • Manager of agricultural enterprise.

Academical Higher Education Master’s Study Program "Agriculture" with 3 specialization:

  • Field-Crop Cultivation,
  • Horticulture,
  • Animal Husbandry,

Doctoral programme "Agriculture" (Field-Crop Cultivation and Animal Husbandry).

Directions of research:

  • Soil science and agrochemistry,
  • Plant biology and protection,
  • Field management,
  • Crop science and production,
  • Horticulture,
  • Animal science,
  • New products from the raw materials of plant and animal origin, their production technologies and nutrition,
  • Food safety and risk management,
  • The study of biologically active compounds,
  • Application of new packaging materials and technologies in food production.