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Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences

Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences

The goal of the faculty is to provide students with scientific, academic, and professional education and to conduct scientific research in the fields related to forestry, civil engineering and environmental engineering, landscape architecture and materials science.

The units of the faculty:

  • Institute of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Engineering,
  • Institute of Forestry,
  • Institute of Civil Engineering and Woodworking,
  • Institute of Land Management and Geodesy,
  • LBTU Interdisciplinary Laboratory.

Study direction:

  • Civil Engineering and Transportation Engineering,
  • Agricultural and Fisheries Sciences,
  • Forestry,
  • Materials Science,
  • Music, Visual Arts, and Architecture,
  • Environmental Engineering and Energy Engineering.

Study programmes:

  • Forestry Science,
  • Wood Materials and Technology,
  • Wood Processing Technology,
  • Sustainable Forestry,
  • Forest Engineering,
  • Civil Engineering and Constructions,
  • Land Surveying and Management,
  • Environmental Science,
  • Landscape Architecture and Planning,
  • Water Management,
  • Environement and Water Management,
  • Environmental Engineering.