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Forecasting the strength of wood pallets in MARCO KEA

Forecasting the strength of wood pallets in MARCO KEA –


MARCO KEA is one of the leading companies for the production of various wood structures and capacity pallets in Latvia, which has used LBTU scientists to determine the estimated load of pallets.   


Each tree species growing in Latvia and each wood material has its own characteristics. Wood is known to be strong and at the same time light material. But nature is cultivating it with its own peculiarities – branches, fissures, inequities. These features may affect the wood's bearing capacity, particularly when used in structures. In the construction of wooden houses, calculation programmes have been used for such a seemingly simple and often very expensive construction of transportable products, the palette, load-bearing calculation, was not established.  


Took place addressing wood quality assurance issues at the pallet plant, in the exploration of advisory, constructive products and in the process of technological transfer. Many studies have been carried out with wood resources available at the plant, saying from pallet leeches and ending with practical checks on pallet structures.   


Time spent in LBTU laboratories and theoretical knowledge combined, developed a palleting computer program. Which is used to forecast the load capacity of both coniferous and lapular pallets by changing the cross-section size and number of materials to be incorporated. Other Latvian pallet production companies, such as “KRONUS”, have also expelled interest in the given forecasting technology.