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Fruit cubes in “Biograph organic sweets”

Fruit cubes in “Biograph organic sweets” –


“BioGraph” candy Fruit Cubes, was produced in collaboration with the LBTU, and are produced from ecological berries and fruit, adding ecological sugar and natural fruit pectin. Berries and vitamins and minerals presented in the fruit are preserved as much as possible in the process of preparation.   


The market is saturated with a variety of sweets, but for people who want to enjoy healthy food or snacks as possible, the choice are limited. The first candy experiments took place in the kitchen of the houses of the entrepreneurs – Didze Desaina and Renars Nadricks, and concluded that “something meets”, the entrepreneurs decided to address the LBTU specialists with the idea and at that point cooperation began.   


The cooperation between business and LBTU Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre started by bringing together scientists from the LBTU Faculty of  Food Technology , with whom the basic recipe was originally developed. As their greatest success, entrepreneurs Didze and Renars believe that, in cooperation with partners, they have managed to create a product that tastes good and looks visual pleasing for both consumers and retailers.   


The production produced by the company is now in demand and is being assessed on the Latvian market, as the two entrepreneurs determined to move towards the export market. Cooperation is continuing to be developed by extending the product range.