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LBTU Veterinary clinic

LLU Veterinary clinic


The reconstution and construction of the faculty of veterinary medicine clinic, which has been developed ERAF project sub-activity project "Modernisation of the LLU studying infrastructure".


LBTU Veterinary clinic is the baic unit of training and research of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Veterinary clinic has three fields:

  • Student training,

  • Provision of veterinary services and reference function,

  • Clinical research.

The veterinary cliniz started to operate on 4th March 2013.


LBTU involvements in ERAF project sub-activity project “Modernisation of the LLU studying infrastructure”.


The LBTU Veterinary Clinic provides a reference function in veterinary care for both small and large animals, horses and livestock. The clinic co-operates with different veterinary clinics outside of Jelgava, in different cities, providing services that are not available elsewhere, such as lab diagnosis, horse artharoscopy and others.