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LZA Monography "Hundred and more. Smart Latvia"

LZA Monography "Hundred and more. Smart Latvia"


The authors of collective monography “Hundred and more. Smart Latvia”, 416 pages. Published by Prof. Rivžas red. 2018, Responsible red. Jermolajeva, red. A. Mukāne. The smart development of the country and society has been studied and modelled, reflected in the monography, the enviroment, governance, the legal framework and the knowledge society.


Working on VPP EKOSOC-LV, lead by Prof. B. Rivža, was developed 10 project studies in 4 thematic blocks: spatial development, society development, economic development, ad the legal framework for sustainable development, the monography summarized the results of studies with conclusions and recommendations, problem settings and solutions, also included expert opinions, examples and good practices. Modeled Latvian development scenarios according to the AHP method. The monography included a chronicle of events – discussing the results of the studies and discussion on topic development issues at conferences in the reģions of Latvia.


EKOSOC-LV studies and the monography was based on the inter-institutional and interdisciplinary work: Researchers from universities, including LBTU, regional universities.

Study Thematic block managers: Prof. Krūmiņš (LU), Prof. R. Počs (RTU), Prof. S. Kruks (RSU), Prof. B Rivža (LBTU), Prof. Ā. Meikališa (LU). Regional konferences were oganised by the LZA together with Latvian Municipality Union and universities, including LBTU and ZM.


The result of cooperation was the monography, which was released in 2018 of 700 examples. It was recognised as the major achievement of LZA in science in 2018 as the nomination "Research of modern economy and society complex and tools for development of smart economy and society in Latvia".