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Pollen chisel

Pollen chisel


Pollen chisel, developed at the LBTU Mechanics Institute, is designed to dry pollen and other natural products at low temperatures, which ensures the preservation of biologically active substances in products. The essential advantage of the chisel is small energy consumption in the drying process.  


In order to obtain high-quality pollen, it is necessary, after removal from the gatherers, to dry it for a short time so that wet pollen does not begin to deteriorate. Drying must be carried out at a temperature not exceeding 45 º C. In order to ensure efficient handling of the drying process, it is necessary to heat a large amount of air by consuming a large amount of energy.  A significant reduction in energy consumption has been achieved through the use of heated air on several occasions. The result is a chisel with an energy consumption reduction of 5 to 8 times the energy consumption of a classical design of similar productivity.   


The testing of the chisel has been carried out in cooperation with the beekeeper Dzintaru Ozolinu, who also undertook the production of experimental models. Several years later the chisel got optimized with unique design and a variety of packages have been developed. The final result is a chisel for the drying of pollen produced by the apiary of 50 to 100 bee flocks with reduced energy consumption.   


Currently, the chisels are produced on an individual order basis, taking into account the customer's expectations regarding design materials and the temperature adjustment system. A total of about 120 chisels are made, working in many of Latvia's apiaries. Several chisels have also been made for Lithuanian beekeepers. The dimensions of the chisel are matched to the size of the hive frames so that the chisels of the winter period can be used as a storage. The chisel temperature control system also provides for decrystallisation of honey. Chisels can also be used to dry tea and other products.