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Sandthorn extract for young cattle

Sandthorn extract for young cattle


Clinical study titled "Scientific studies based on the development of sandthorn extracts in the improvement of the health of young cattle".


Oral use has been performed to improve the health of newborn calves. For the first time in Latvia, there has been a determination of white blood cell subpopulation has been performed in calves with a cell flow citometry method.


Horticulture institute and 3 other holdings had been working together in this project : SIA "Daile", SIA "Agro", ZS "Meža cīruļi" and ZS "Kokles".


As the result of cooperation diploma was awarded by the Latvian Academy of Sciences for nomation “Latvia’s most important achievement in the applied science of 2018”, to group of researchers of  Dr. med. vet. Laima Liepa, Ilmārs Dūrītis un Inga Pigiņka - Vjačeslavova.