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SIA "DeLaval"

SIA "DeLaval"


Book "Modern dairy farm, technology, technique, management". Issued by prof. (Emeritus) J. Priekuulis red. 2012 (first edition) and 2013 (second edition).


Working on the LZP project Nr. 09.1463 "Research and development of technological systems for the future dairy cow farm" (2009-2012), as well as LBTU project "Cow Milking Robot Operation Research at LUA Training and Research Farm" Vecauce "(2007 and 2008 project manager prof (Emeritus) J. Priekulis) collected information on the technological design and equipping of modern dairy farms, which led to the idea of writing a scientifically practical book summarizing the research results at the end of the project.


The book of printing could be covered by funds allocated from LZP project no.09.1463. Therefore, the financial support was requested from business “DeLaval” Ltd. In addition, scientists and trainers of the LBTU who participated in the project were involved in writing the book: J.Latvietis, A.Laurs, D.Kairisha, D.Jonkus, A.Antāne, and A.Kokts, a specialist of “DeLaval” Ltd.


The book was published in 2012 as a 500 examples from which 300 stayed in business SIA “DeLaval” disposal. But there was a great demand for this book, and therefore few mounth later business asked for the book to be re-published again at its own expense. The book’s second cast came out in 2013 with an additional 400 examples. ZM prize for “The Sower” (2014).