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SIA ‘‘MILZU’’ – Cereal flakes

SIA ‘‘MILZU’’ – Cereal flakes


SIA ‘‘MILZU’’ produced its product from extruded cereal flakes developed in cooperation with LBTU. It uses high-quality whole-grain rye, oats and wheat, cereals specific to the Baltic region. SIA ‘‘MILZU’’ flakes are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, without added preservatives, E substances, artificial colorants and vitamins, also has reduced amount of sugar.   


The idea of creating a production came from the company's owner, Enno Encem. Prior to investment, the product segment in the Baltic was studied and it was found that no one in Latvia produces these types of products, but they are imported mainly from Lithuania and Poland. As a result, the concept of SIA ‘‘MILZU’’ company was developed.   


The entrepreneur turned to the LBTU TEPEK because he sought to attract the best professionals in the industry in the development of the product, and it started to engage scientists from the LBTU Faculty of Food Technology.

SIA ‘‘MILZU’’ aims to offer a product produced in Latvia that is best in its segment. Based on the strategy established by the company, the LBTU developed recipes, advised at the stage of the launch of the technological process, followed up to the finished product, which was high quality and nutritional preservation, TEPEK also developed the packaging of the product. The ERDF's “Microsoft, Small and Medium Business New Product and Technology Development Programme” was successfully used to develop products. 


Products produced by SIA ‘‘MILZU’’ are currently available for sale in Latvia's largest food marketing sites, offering a wide range of products for both children and adults. The company is working intensively to launch product exports in the near future.

ACHIEVEMENTS: In the RigaFood 2014 competition, “Packaging for Food” SIA ‘‘MILZU’’ won 2nd place. In the competition organized by the Latvian Packaging Association, “Best Packaging for Foodstuffs 2014”, the “Trade Package for Foodstuffs” SIA ‘‘MILZU’’ also won 2nd place.