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Vegetable purés for children “Rudolf” SIA “Lat Eko Food” –

Vegetable purés for children “Rudolf” SIA “Lat Eko Food” –


Lat Eko Food Ltd offers high-quality Bio vegetable purée to children from high-quality raw materials of Latvian organic farming for safe and healthy baby development, which has been the result of cooperation with LBTU scientists since 2012.   


The beginning of the idea of producing baby food was the personal experience of the host Egija Martinsone, when her son was born, she realized that Latvia was not producing anything from ready-to-eat babies, but, while using the widely available range of import products, which caused allergic reactions to the child. As Latvia did not have such finished products, the idea was to start a business.   


The cooperation of scientists from the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (LBTU) and the Latvian National Planting Institute with ‘‘Lat Eko Food’’ started with first meeting of the host and scientists, it was decided to cooperate in developing baby food purée from Latvian products. The cooperation between scientists, the LBTU Innovation and Tehnology Transfer Centre and the Faculty of Food Technology participated at all stages of the chain, from the outset, from an idea to a finished and packaged product with a specified marketing deadline, its quality testing, and the selection and counselling of the necessary production equipment to support the technological process. 


By developing this idea and a developed product was created and the company's production is currently widely purchased in Latvia. The activity of Lat Eko Food, from the business idea to a built plant in 2014, is an outstanding result of successful cooperation between entrepreneurs and scientists, which continues to complement the production range with new product types.   


“Gold Medal” for excellent quality “Latvian Year Ekoprodukts 2012”,

Organic product certificate

Assigned trade mark “Latvijas Ekoprodukts”

“Major achievements of Latvian Science 2014”

Award of Latvian Academy of Sciences