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Wood connection, fire reaction SIA “MiTek Baltic” –

Wood connection, fire reaction SIA “MiTek Baltic” –


“MiTek Baltic” is the world leader in the large-scale production of nails, MiTek Industry representative in Latvia, who uses the lessons learned from LBTU scientists in designing wooden structures. Persuades architects and designers to use wood more in construction.   


Wood has long been used in construction, but Soviet times brought in their own adjustments and the only construction materials were metal and concrete. World experience shows that there can be nothing more environmentally-friendly than human life in a wooden house. Construction nail plates are designed to connect the tree in length, width and thickness. A questions to explore are: how the metal changes properties by rapidly increasing temperatures (in the event of a fire) and how it reacts to a tree. Here's the question: Why could our ancestral jam, use wooden spoons? 


Developed through the exchange of theoretical knowledge and also practical experience in the design and establishment of these compounds. Samples were created with different fire protection solutions, practical tests were carried out in laboratory conditions with real operational elements.   


The hypothesis was that the forefathers used wooden spoons to jam because the wood takes in but doesn't return heat. It was created the best way to protect metal plates from fire is to cover them with wood elements!