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Agricultural vehicles

Developing new products and technologies in the main areas of cooperation between the LBTUU and business:  

  • rational use of agricultural techniques;
  • equipment;
  • vehicles;
  • renewable energy: use of solar energy, alternative fuels, drying up different biomass, etc.

Topic offers



Reconstruction advisory provision for grain pre-treatment Jānis Palabinskis, Aivars Āboltiņš, 
Agricultural product drying, storage questions an drying product energy
Solar collectors for air heating and different purpose use
Infrared chisels
Modernisation of dairy livestock accommodation: introduction of the latest technology and mechanisation. The selection, assembly and operation of cow milking plants Juris Priekulis, Armīns Laurs
Use of agricultural machinery and mechanized technologies for crop production Kaspars Vārtukapteinis
Testing of vehicles, experimental testing of operational parameters, monitoring and assessment of performance parameters Dainis Berjoza 63080697, 29735949
Measurement and assessment of the toxicity of exhaust gases
Electro vehicle parameter explotaton on road test
Vehicle exhaust gas and cabin noise measurements, noise assessment for transport flow
Experimental research of various vehicles in laboratory conditions and road tests. Analysis of the effects of biofuels and other fuels on the performance of vehicles, measurements on the composition of the waste gases of the power bench with an analytical measure of exhaust gas in multi-component equipment and fuel consumption Vilnis Pīrs 26432417,
 Determination of metal hardness using different methods. Study and analysis of the structure. Research and application of technologies for metalworking with CNC machine tools. CNC programming and simulation of parts manufacturing Jānis Lāceklis-Bertmanis 29968334,
Testing of engines, an experimental study of the operational parameters. Measurement and analysis of the toxicity of exhaust gases with different types of biofuels Aivars Birkavs 29553722,
Alternative fuel vehicles and its infrastructure. Experimental research of alternative fuels (incl. biofuels) on stationary engine stands. Pilot studies of engine performance parameters, assessment of exhaust gas toxicity. Ruslans Šmigins 28228222,
Construction, manufacture, operation of field sprayers. Hydraulic drive of loaders, etc. Lake sediment extraction and ussage. Use of biomass for energy production Ēriks Kronbergs 28619726,
Methods and equipment for sapropel extraction. Sensors and computerized measuring systems. The use of biomass for energy production. Mechanisation tools for bee apiary. Aivars Kaķītis 29255105,
Mechanics of agricultural machinery and mechanical engineering. Use of biomass for energy production Imants Nulle 26453133,
Mechanization of grain harvesting ing. Dainis Viesturs 29455258,
Optimisation of the costs of agricultural technologies ing. Dainis Viesturs, ing. Nikolajs Kopiks
Application of grass feeding technologies and machines ing. Semjons Ivanovs, ing. Ādolfs Ruciņš

Mechanisation solutions for the harvesting of industrial hemp ing. Semjons Ivanovs 29403708,
Design and construction of a plant breaker roller
Use of renewable energy (sun, heat pump) to increase the energy efficiency of greenhouses ing. Semjons Ivanovs, ing. Ādolfs Ruciņš
Development of technology for active grain drying with ozone Ādofs Ruciņš Dainis Viesturs
Technological solutions for dehydration of bioethanol Ādofs Ruciņš 29213409,
Optimisation of soil handling techniques Ādolfs Ruciņš,
Oskars Valainis
Behavioral and communication problems in childhood and adolescence. Career counselling and education Mg.ed. Jānis Pāvulēns 29752750,

 Pētnieku pētījumi izglītības zinātnē un karjeras konsultēšanā

Types of competence, their indicators and development; transformative/competence based self-directed learning Dr. paed. Baiba Briede 29263418,
IT in the design and career counselling. ICT integration skills development. Study methodology. Specialised computer program on pedagogy. Use of digital masters, interactive blackboards, Moodle environments in education Dr.paed. Nataļja Vronska 26725155,
Ecological approach to education research: development and promotion of human personality as a personality and specialist in the educational environment personality/specialist competitiveness and evaluation, development support and promotion in the educational environment/professional environment. Dr.paed. Irēna Katane 63080694, 29110582
Method of dialogue in the development of career management competence Mg.paed. Inita Soika 63080694,
Creative activities of pupils in housekeeping training Dr.paed. Iveta Līce-Zikmane 63080694,
The personality potential realising Dr.paed. Regīna Baltušīte 63080694,
Quality of life in adult education in personal self-fulfilment Dr.paed. Vija Dišlere 63080694, 29217322
Integration of the principle of quality of life into household learning. Methodology for housekeeping, setting up a wide variety of learning tasks and evaluating student learning outcomes. Organisation of school and class management and work. Students' scientific research activities. Competency-based organization of teaching content in subject Design and Technology Dr.paed. Aija Pridāne 26457823,
Women's career change research. The Priciple of Gender Conformity in Women’s Career Development. Choice of career counseling methods in counseling process. Importance of entrepreneurship education in women's career development. Dr.paed. Anita Rācene 29116292,
Fundamentals of Family Education Programme Development. On Competence Development Based Approach, Implementing Family Education Programmes. Interdisciplinary Research Importance of Family Education: Opportunities of Competence Approach Implementation Dr.paed. Iveta Kokle- Narbuta 29590105,
Long term unemployed social benefits receivers career management improvement doktorante, vieslektore 
Anna Bičkovska