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Developing new products and technologies in the main areas of cooperation between the LBTU and business:   

  • agriculture and agro-biotechnologies; 
  • modern husbandry technologies.
Offered topics Specialist Contact information
Protein-rich plants (alfalfa, egalega, apples) cultivation technologies, productivity and feeding value Dr.agr. Aleksandrs Adamovičs 
Development of high-productivity grasslands. Use of meadows and pastures, their management, fertilising, and improving natural grasslands. Improving the technology and quality of grass feed production
Grass Seed Production
Bioenergy, alternative energy sources
Barley, rye, triticale, potato breeding, use of hull-less barley for animal feed Optimisation of the breeding process for organic farming Dr.agr. Arta Kronberga
Growing technologies for medicinal and aromatical plants 
Establishment, maintenance and use of perennial grasslands. Conservation and exploitation of natural grassland ecosystems.

Dr.agr. Dzidra Kreišmane
Technologies of  of grass forage production
Establishment of organic farming system and crop production
Development of field crops' growing technologies (cereals, grain legumes, oil-seed rape) Dr.agr. Zinta Gaile
Suitability of varieties of field crops (cereals, grain legumes, potatoes, rapeseed etc.) for different uses
Production of maize for silage
Agro-ecological factors determining the productivity of maize (Zea mays L.) and the quality of silage
Development of agricultural and food products in the market Dr.oec. Inguna Gulbe
Prospects for the development of the agricultural and food market
Grain quality indicators, cereal varieties Dr.agr. Anda Liniņa
Conditions for variety selection of different field-crop species, their suitability for  the agro-climatic conditions of Latvia Mg. agr. Anda Rūtenberga-Āva  
Importance of variety for achieving the high yields of field-crops
Importance of used seed in agricultural production
How to achieve high potato yields
Potato growing for processing - in chips, for starch production
Potatoes in organic growing system
Growth and development of field crops, formation of crop yield components Mg. agr. Madara Darguža
Impact of soil tillage and crop rotation on winter wheat yield formation
Soil diagnostics, classification, International standards of information. Agro-ecological assessment of fertilizers Dr.habil.agr. Aldis Kārkliņš
Fertilization of crops. Nutrietn cycles in cropping systems Mg.agr. Adrija Dorbe  
Fertilising and liming issues Dr.agr. Roberts Vucāns 
Soil physico-mechanical properties, clay mineralogy, soil organic carbon, sapropel composition and dehydration Dr. geol. Ilze Vircava
Assessment of physical and chemical properties of soil and modified substrates. Agrotechnical research in  horticulture   Mg.agr. Jana Vāle
Soil diagnostics and analysis Mg. agr. Ieva Erdberga
Regulation and evaluation of environmental factors of greenhouse crops
Harmonization of soil tillage, weed control and sowing technologies Dr.agr. Dainis Lapiņš
Crop-growing technologies (soil tillage, crop rotation and weed control) in organic farming
Precision agriculture
Weeds, their biological properties and control Dr.agr. Maija Ausmane  
Precision farming technologies Dr.agr. Gundega Putniece
Quality evaluation of fresh vegetables and wild plants' (weed) leaves Dr. sc. ing. Ingrīda Augšpole
Berry (including less known plants, for example golden currant) planting, pruning, choise of cultivars, and quality of yield Dr.agr. Kaspars Kampuss  
Blueberry, large cranberry and other acid soil demanding berry: planting, growing technologies, maintance, pruning, choise of cultivars, quality of yield, propagation Dr. agr. Dace Siliņa
Growing technologies of fruit trees (orchards, choise of rootstock and cultivars etc.) Dr.agr. Ilze Grāvīte
Propagation methods of fruit trees and berries
Propagation, planting and maintance of aromatic and nectar plants. Breeding of bees, beekeeping methods and products Mg.agr. Marta Liepniece
Planting, maintaince, propagation of aromatic and medicinal plant. Genetic resources. Enviromental friendly and effective growing technologies of vegetables in open field and greenhause Mg. agr. Irina Sivicka
Cultivation of garlic (cultivars, clones, growing techologies etc.) Mg. agr. Imants Missa
Physiological active compounds for crop production, plant propagation Dr.biol. Ina Alsiņa
Fungal and fungal-like plant diseases and their causal agents  Dr.agr. Gunita Bimšteine,
Dr. biol. Biruta Bankina,
Jānis Kaņeps,,
Crop pests and beneficial  insects Dr. agr. Jānis Gailis 
Animal genetics, breeding and dairy cattle husbandry Dr.agr. Daina Jonkus
Dairy and beef-catle farming. Sheep husbandry Dr.agr. Daina Kairiša
Animal nutrition, formulation a ration. Cattle and swine feeding Dr.agr. Lilija Degola
Animal nutrition, Feed requirment, formulation of ration. Poultry farming Dr.agr. Aiga Nolberga-Trūpa  
Dairy cattle husbandry Dr.agr. Diāna Ruska
Organic husbandry. Animal nutrition Mg.agr. Elita Aplociņa
Cow-housing technologies Mg.agr. Indra Eihvalde
Animal husbandry, dairy and beef-cattle farming Mg.agr. Lāsma Cielava
Sheep husbandry, poultry farming Mg.agr. Dace Bārzdiņa
Horse breeds, horse breeding Mg.agr. Laine Orbidāne
Equestrian sport