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Take part in the survey about discrimination in higher education institutions

Image author: No LLU arhīva

The Student Union of Latvia (LSA) in cooperation with the University of Latvia has made a "Discrimination in Higher Education Institutions" survey to gather information about what kind of discrimination students, academics and general staff encounter in the higher education institutions.

Currently, in Latvia, there is a lack of in-depth analysis of the manifestations and cases of discrimination in Latvian higher education institutions, which would reflect the cases and statistics of discrimination in universities and colleges. The data of this survey will be important to assess the current situation in the higher education environment and to implement measures to prevent discrimination and promote an inclusive environment.

LSA and LU invite students, academic and general staff to fill out the survey and provide information about experienced discrimination about themselves and their peers. The more information is provided about the specific cases, the more useful the survey data will be in understanding the real situations faced in higher education institutions.

The survey is available here

The survey is anonymous and the data obtained will be used only in an aggregated form. Time required to fill out the survey - about 15 minutes.  The survey deadline is May 26th, 2023.

You can find out more about the project here.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact or

Submitted on: 27/04/2023