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Student Days

The International Student Day - November 17 - is historically connected with the political events and students' activities which culminated in 1939.  Since 1971 the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies has celebrated the International Student Day with a widely supported students' torch race. The Latvia Nationwide Students' Day is a tradition which was introduced by the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies in 1993. On this day students from all the Universities of Latvia come together in Jelgava.

Sport games, competitions "The Most Joyful and Witty in Latvia", "Pop-street", "Sports' Tournament of the Students' Theatre" and a seminar held by the representatives of the University media take place on the Student Day. Famous Latvian artists perform in Jelgava at the various events of the day and at the evening ball. An integral part of the day is also a public worship service dedicated to students. Among the activities of the Student Day there is an informative event for future students from the technical and vocational schools of Latvia - "A Step Closer" and a Student Day introduction concert prepared by amateur art groups.

The University students have already been practising this tradition for 17 years, keeping a good balance between the students' life, intellectual values and entertainment. On this day students are in high spirits and happy, as the day is dedicated only to them. Also the Student's Day has made Jelgava the recognized capital of Latvian students.

Faculty Days

Faculty days are an annual festival of the eight faculties of the University. During the event students demonstrate their abilities and skills to the University and the Faculty communities through specific activities that are connected with the students' future profession. Various competitions (including sport), stage performances and charity events aiming to popularize their studies and the Faculty take place. A festival spirit and pride of tradition unites the students and university faculty.

Technicians' (Tech or Technical experts') Days - Students of the Technical Faculty organise a grand car parade in the centre of the city that afterwards is followed by racing.

Vet Days - students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine organise a joint work event.

Esafs Days - 1st year students of the Economics Faculty participate in a festival parade, Ekuvision and in different competitions in the corridors of the Faculty.

Binarins - students of the Faculty of Information Technology organize competitions, computer games and a "confirmation" procedure of the first year students.

REF's Days - students of the Faculty of Rural Engineering participate in a competition "The Genuine One from REF" and show a film on a big screen.

Agronom Days - students of the Faculty of Agriculture organize students' meeting with rural business men and women.

Forestry Days - students of the Faculty of Forestry arrange a sawing competition, as well as a beauty competition in which Miss and Mister Forestry are crowned.

Porridge Days - students of the Faculty of Food Technology organise the degustation of food products offered by the most prominent food producers. A competition for the best cook is usually also organized.

Theafore mentioned events demonstrate to the community of the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies and the citizens of Jelgava the students' positive relationship with the University and community.